Religious Overview

Religious – New construction. Additions, and Remodels :

Regardless of your denomination we can provide a design suited to your specific needs.  We have done many additions over the years, where planning for future needs have become critical.  Properly locating a new sanctuary, fellowship hall, or classroom spaces no matter the size of your congregation becomes important functionally, aesthetically, and financially.

The unique aspect to religious projects is that normally a board or council is making decisions for the entire congregation.  Curtis Architecture can help build a consensus among a group with differing perspectives and opinions.  We can guide the make-up of subcommittees and establish an organized process that all can understand and work within.  Our renderings become valuable tools when communicating the project to the entire church.  When raising money for your project our renderings will become a very important part of the process.

First Christian Church

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First Christian Reformed Church

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